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Article: One Year

One Year

One Year

The first birthday is always special. Most of us won’t have memories of our first birthday but the parents amongst us will always remember the mixed bag of feelings watching their child turn One. Those feelings of elation, excitement, pride and pure joy, nuanced with the uncertainty and self-doubt that may not be apparent to others.

Earlier this month, Annette celebrated her very first birthday. Annette is like a baby to us, she's a brand we’ve had the privilege of giving life to and a brand we now call ours.

As we look back on the past year, we reflect on the little adventures she has brought us on. One year is by no means a long time, but it's still pretty amazing to think how she was once an intangible idea we could only dream about, and she is now a reality which is cosily tucked away in different homes across the island, and even beyond our shores.

Like new parents, we’re proud to see her grow steadily at her own pace. When things fell into place and when things didn’t, through it all she has taught us how it takes time (and lots of caffeine) to grow and nurture a brand.

She truly is an extension of our personal selves, and a reflection of our personal values and combined love for lifestyle and homeware pieces. Through her, we were able to express our passion for beautiful and quality pieces for the home and the individual, and channel our creativity in ways we’ve never been able to do. It brings us great joy to share with all of you, our vision of creating beautiful and mindful homes, and of encouraging people to slow down and savour the little moments in life.

With a lean team of two, we cannot be more grateful for the people who light up our paths along the way - customers who leave encouraging comments and feedback, partners who choose to work with us and support us, and lastly family and friends who quietly and humbly show their support for our work and our brand.

It warms our hearts to know that there are people out there who share in our brand ethos and our love for homeware and lifestyle products. Nothing makes us happier to know that people are happy with their purchase and return to us for more.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all of you for being a part of our journey. It is truly our privilege to have you on this journey with us.

The Christmas season is well upon us and amidst the festivities and bright shiny lights, we wish you all the love, peace, and blessings from us to you and your families. We look towards the next year with much anticipation and eagerness and we can’t wait to see what the new year brings! 


Rae & Zee