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Sustainability with Annette

Sustainability - it’s the heart of what we do, and has influenced the way we operate, the products we carry and the packaging we choose to deliver our products in. As a start, these are the practices we adopt at Annette:

Reducing Packaging Waste

We choose and design our packaging with sustainability in mind. Our sheets are free from the single-use plastic pockets and the cardboards that usually accompany store-bought bedsheets. 

Reusing and Recycling

As a business, we actively weave in the habit of reusing and recycling into our practices. For example, we choose to actively use recycled paper where necessary, and are always exploring ways to reuse materials. One initiative we started at Annette is to incentivise the return of linen fabric swatches ordered by customers. The fabric swatches are fully refundable upon return and this return process is also free. These can then be reused and passed on to the next person who requests for them.

Choice of Products

To the extent possible, we design and source for products made of natural or recycled materials. We acknowledge that this may not be possible all the time and if a product contains virgin synthetic materials, we ensure that this percentage is kept to a minimum. Being transparent with the materials we use is key to us, so you’ll find the product make-up on each relevant product page.

Focusing on Quality and Longevity

Quality is paramount to us and we aim to design and curate products which we believe can stand the test of time. We also consciously opt for timeless designs that will last you season after season instead of following trends. With these, it is our desire to encourage an appreciation for mindful consumption and a habit of valuing long-term use.

Journey With Us

We are far from perfect and there is definitely a lot more that can be done, but as with all journeys, there's always a beginning. We recognise that collective efforts are required to preserve our environment, so we are constantly looking at ways to inspire and encourage each one of you to join us on this journey. We believe education and information is key so join our mailing list or visit our journal where we share our ideas on how we can walk gently on this planet.