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Article: Our First Foray into Loungewear

Our First Foray into Loungewear

Our First Foray into Loungewear

When we said that we haven’t looked back since we launched our linen sheets in December last year, we meant it wholeheartedly. We love everything about linen, from its charming inherent creases to its cool and breathable properties, to that lovely soft feeling of the fabric against our skin. The feeling of being enveloped in linen is really one of the most understated life’s luxuries! (It’s difficult to explain this feeling but we promise it’s easy to fall in love with.) 

Soon after we launched our linen sheets, we came up with the idea of designing our own line of loungewear, as it seemed to be a natural extension of our bedding line to complete one’s sleep experience. Admittedly, a pivotal reason for the idea was that we personally struggled to find sleepwear that does not feature cutesy prints or fall into the intimates category, and is chic and flattering at the same time. A quick poll with people around us also led us to realise that we weren’t the only ones that felt this way. And that’s when our loungewear journey began.


What started out as an idea to design wearable pieces for sleepwear quickly turned into designing loungewear pieces which are versatile enough to take you anywhere in comfort and style. Whether for the bedroom, for an errand to your neighbourhood grocer, for a long haul flight, or for relaxing by the beach, we wanted our designs to make you look and feel good in them. When designing the pieces, we also consciously opted for timeless designs that you would want to return to season after season.

(Pssst... you’d be glad to know that we specifically added pockets too so you don’t have to worry about where to keep your phone, keys and other bits and bobs!)


We explored a variety of natural fabric options, but since we love pure linen so much, we naturally gravitated towards the linen fabric for our first capsule collection. Linen no doubt comes at a premium, but it’s also a fabric that not only promises comfort, but also quality and longevity. Moreover, its natural cool and breathable properties makes it a prime choice for loungewear.


Once we decided on the designs and fabric, the last mile was really to ensure the best possible fit for comfort. For something that you’d be wearing to sleep or lounge, comfort is key. We looked into the smallest details and made sure that everything from the length of the sleeves, to the neckline, to the drape, is taken care of, so that you experience 200% comfort when you slip into our loungewear pieces. Our goal is for you to look forward to slipping into these pieces every single day.

Effortless Silhouettes for Everyday Lounging

Six months of ideation and fine-tuning culminated in the launch of our very first loungewear collection. It's our greatest joy to see our vision come to life and we are proud to say that we no longer have to look elsewhere for comfortable and chic loungewear of the very best quality.

Click here to view the collection and tell us what you think of the pieces. We'd love to hear from you!