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Article: 10 Ways To Wind Down For The Night

10 Ways To Wind Down For The Night

10 Ways To Wind Down For The Night

One of the missions we have at Annette is very much associated with sleep and rest. We aim to help you embrace better sleep, because sleep directly affects our physical and mental well-being.

We appreciate that with the fast paced lives we lead now, and the anxiety and stress we face (especially in recent weeks over news of the coronavirus), it may be difficult for some of us to fall into deep slumber and sleep through the night. If you recall, we had asked about your favourite bedtime routine as part of the birthday giveaway we held last year, and many of you had such great ideas that we thought it'll be great to share them with all our readers. So here goes...

1. "Refreshing bedside diffuser with lavender or peppermint oil, cozying under the duvet and reading a book"

2. "Listen to a podcast on self-improvement and reflection while filling the room with a relaxing lavender scent"

3. "Spraying pillow mist and cuddling with hubby"

4. "Reading a book to baby, putting her to bed and getting under the sheets in a nicely air-conditioned room"

5. "Reflecting on the day and planning for the next while sipping on decaf black vanilla tea"

6. "Snuggles, Netflix and Chocolates!"

7. "Sip on chamomile tea, eat a chocolate bar and read kobo"

8. "Taking a warm bath, applying skincare products and listening to some soft music while lying on the bed"

9. "Facial mask before bed"

10. "Bedtime stories, shadow play, good night kiss"

How about you? What's your bedtime routine and what helps you wind down from a hectic day? If you don't have a bedtime routine, how about taking inspiration from the ideas above and starting a routine today!

Note: Points 1 - 10 are comments contributed by our followers on our Instagram post here