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Article: Linen Care Tips

Linen Care Tips

Linen Care Tips

At Annette, we appreciate items that last.

Besides investing in quality items, taking appropriate care of these items is also important in ensuring that they go a long way. So here are some simple tips that we’ve gathered to guide you in caring for your linen sheets.


+ Wash in cold or lukewarm water
+ Use the gentle machine cycle
+ Opt for a mild detergent [Tip: It helps to protect the fibers!]
- Avoid using bleach and chemical fabric softeners [Tip: Bleach weakens fibers while the latter creates a layer which makes the fabric less absorbent.]


+ Tumble dry your sheets on low heat and a gentle tumble setting [Tip: Use wool dryer balls to shorten time spent in dryer.]
+ Remove the sheets from the dryer and hang or lay flat to dry

[Tip: Where possible, skip the dryer in favour of line drying. This is a gentler option which also helps to reduce energy consumption.] 


+ The best part about linen sheets is that they need not be ironed
+ In fact, the beauty of linen lies in its natural creases, which give a relaxed and lived-in look
+ If you choose to iron, do so when sheets are slightly damp, on medium to hot setting


+ Store your sheets in a cool and dry place
- To prevent yellowing, avoid storing in plastic
+ The best place to store the linen sheets will be in the nifty linen bag that your sheets came in

We hope these simple tips come in handy. The key to ensuring that your sheets, or any piece of clothing regardless of material, can last for a long time lies in how you care for them. Opting for gentler methods will naturally help to prolong the lifespan of the item.