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Article: Behind Our Linen Loungewear Collection

Behind Our Linen Loungewear Collection

Behind Our Linen Loungewear Collection

Since the circuit breaker measures were implemented, we have all been spending almost all our time at home. More so than ever, the lines between work life, social life and family life have blurred. How have all of you been coping?

We were delighted to have been able to launch an extended range to our Linen Loungewear Capsule earlier this month. The collection was first launched in November last year, and we received such a positive response then that we started planning for new colours shortly after our launch.

This collection is really special to us because it is a project fuelled entirely by our vision of designing comfortable and tasteful loungewear that will take the wearer from lounging comfortably at home to running a quick errand outside.

It’s been a full year since we first conceptualised the collection, and we have fond memories of our journey in seeing this collection come to live. Admittedly, there were many points along the way when we were faced with challenges and felt that the collection would not be good enough, and were close to giving up. However, we had a very clear vision - to create effortless loungewear pieces for our everyday, and it was this vision which kept us going. At the heart of it all, we wanted these clothes to be pieces one could look forward to putting on every single day, even at home. 

Therefore, it means a lot to us to be able to launch the collection in an extended range of colours, because it is a reflection of your support for our brand and our vision, and we’re extremely grateful to every single one of you who make up our community.

It is our belief that when we are dressed in clothes that elevate our comfort and make us feel good, it allows us to start and end the day on a positive note. With many of us spending so much more time at home now, this rings even more true. When you feel good about yourself, the positive vibes will naturally trickle to people around you. That’s something we might have all learnt during this period, that we all need to take care of, and be kinder to ourselves, before things can fall into place.

We are heartened to be able to bring you all a little sunshine through our linen loungewear pieces during these challenging times. If you haven’t had the chance to try our loungewear pieces, maybe it’s time to give yourselves a little treat this season? We promise that these pieces will see you through this pandemic and beyond, and that you’ll never look at “home clothes” and “pyjamas” the same way again!

P.S. All thanks to the breathable and cool nature of the linen fabric, these pieces have been our best companion in these hot and humid months. The slip camisole and shorts set, as well as the tunic dress, have become staples in our wardrobe, which we wear on heavy rotation. Have we also mentioned that we look forward to bedtime every night because being dressed in linen and wrapped in linen sheets, is just pure bliss? Experience this for yourself! :) 


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