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Article: Choosing Between Linen and Tencel Bedding

Choosing Between Linen and Tencel Bedding

Choosing Between Linen and Tencel Bedding

We all recognise the importance of good sleep, and choosing the right bedding is paramount in ensuring that we get a good night’s rest. 

A common question that we are often asked is “Which is better? Linen or Tencel?”. The truth is that there is no right answer, as this depends on which material will best suit your needs and preferences.

Both materials are derived from natural sources - Linen from the flax plant and Tencel from sustainably-sourced wood pulp. They share many similar qualities, as they are both breathable, naturally hypoallergenic, and have a high moisture absorbency rate. These qualities make both Linen and Tencel bedding perfect for the humid weather we have in this part of the world.

What makes Linen and Tencel bedding rather different is their texture, feel, look and weight, which are factors to consider when you’re deciding between the two types of bedding. 

Linen and tencel bedding texture

Tencel in Chalk White and Warm Taupe, Linen in Natural and Pinstripes

Our Tencel bedding has a silky smooth sateen finish, whilst Linen bedding is more textured.

Both fabrics therefore feel very different against the skin. People who enjoy the experience of being able to glide across their sheets will find Tencel favourable, while others who prefer some texture will surely fall in love with Linen.

Smooth and silky tencel bedding

Tencel in Midnight Blue

The most notable difference between the two types of fabric can be felt at first touch. Tencel is exceptionally soft and flowy, while Linen may feel a little stiffer and structured in comparison, at least at the start.

With a little bit of patience, you’ll be able to experience how Linen ages gracefully and softens over time with use. The result is Linen sheets with an incredibly cosy feel that is hard to replicate with any other type of fabric. Tencel on the other hand, retains its softness throughout. 

Linen bedding on bed with a relaxed look

Linen in Natural and Pinstripes

The type of bedding you choose also affects the aesthetics of your bedroom. Linen and Tencel couldn’t be more different in their appearance.

Linen has a matte finish with natural inherent creases, which give off a relaxed and lived-in look, while Tencel has a smooth surface with a subtle sheen.

Linen bedding

Linen in Natural and Pinstripes

When using a duvet, the way a Linen-covered duvet falls and drapes over you feels different from that of a Tencel-covered duvet.

Because of the somewhat structured and slightly denser nature of Linen fibres, a Linen-covered duvet is weightier and envelopes you like a little cocoon, leaving you feeling snug under your sheets.

In comparison, Tencel feels more lightweight and fluid, draping softly and gently over you.

Smooth tencel sheets

Tencel in Chalk White, Sandy Beige, Warm Taupe, and Midnight Blue

Ultimately, there is no one perfect material for bedding. The perfect bedding is one that works for you, your lifestyle and preferences.

We hope that this has helped you understand our Linen and Tencel bedding better, and how they compare with each other.

If you’re new to either fabric and would like to have a feel of both fabrics before making a purchase, we’ll recommend ordering our refundable fabric swatches, which will be helpful in making a decision. A selected range of our bedding collection can also be found at our stockists.