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Article: Guide to Buying Bedsheets That Fit

Guide to Buying Bedsheets That Fit

Guide to Buying Bedsheets That Fit

Other than considering the type of fabric and colour to suit your preferences, it is also important to get the sizing right when buying new bedsheets. 

The topic of bedding sizing may be overwhelming and confusing for many, especially since there are many different measurements for mattresses and bedding available in the market.

For example, did you know that mattress sizes vary across different countries, even if they are all labelled with the same name? Therefore, the dimensions of a “Queen” mattress in Singapore can be different from a “Queen” mattress in America and Europe, and even Japan.

In Singapore, the most common types of mattresses sold are those with Singaporean and European sizing. The most notable difference between the two would be the length of the mattress, with the local length being 190cm, and the European length being longer at 200cm.

In addition to taking note of mattress sizing, it is also important to note that bedding measurements across different brands may have some slight variations, even if they are sold in Singapore.

To help you understand and pick the right bedding that fits, here are four tips: 


1 --  Know your measurements

When we think about sizing, we focus on the length, width and height. These are the main measurements to look at to ensure a good fit.

It’ll be helpful to take these measurements down when you first purchase your mattress, topper, and inserts (pillow, bolster, and duvet), as these can be found from the sizing guide provided by the retailer or from the packaging. Alternatively, you can use a measuring tape to get these measurements.


2 -- Add the height of your topper 

If you use a topper for your mattress, don't forget to add the height of the topper to the height of the mattress.

As toppers come in varying thickness, some may add a rather significant height to the existing mattress. Taking the topper into account helps to ensure that your fitted sheet will fit properly over the mattress. 


3 -- Check against the bedding sizing guide

As the measurements for bedding can vary across different brands in Singapore, always check the bedding sizing guide and compare them against the measurements you have taken down before you make your purchase.

Sometimes, you may find that the bedding measurements may not match up exactly to that of your mattress and inserts. Perhaps they may be a few centimetres shorter or longer. With the exception of the pocket depth, a variance of +/- 3cm for bedding is generally acceptable in our experience, as this difference is very slight and won’t be noticeable.


4 -- Ensure that the pocket depth of the fitted sheet is deep enough

We recommend choosing a pocket depth (or height) that is at least 3-5cm taller than the height of your mattress (including any topper) to ensure a snug fit that goes under the mattress.

If the fitted sheet isn’t deep enough to cover the mattress sufficiently, it may have a tendency to slide off the mattress or bunch up from the corners and sides.



Annette’s bedding caters to local mattress sizes, and our fitted sheets have a depth of 15”/38cm, which is generous enough to fit most mattresses and toppers. Our bedding sizing guide can be found here.

If you need help with buying bedding, drop us a message at or on Instagram!