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Article: Linen Loungewear | Until Next Time

Linen Loungewear | Until Next Time

Linen Loungewear | Until Next Time

We first introduced our linen loungewear collection towards the end of 2019 and since then, it has always remained part of our core collection, and one which is very dear to us.

This was conceptualised in the pre-Covid days, when “loungewear” wasn’t a buzzword. Focusing on the idea of home and comfort, and drawing from our personal experiences and observation that it was hard to find comfortable and stylish pieces which one could lounge in at home, and step out for a quick errand in, we started designing a collection for everyday wear.

It took many months for us to fine tune and finalise the little details, from the length of the straps, to the curve of the hems, to where the dress falls at the knee. There was always a fine balance we had to maintain between comfort and style, but throughout the process, we knew what we had wanted to achieve and deliver with these loungewear pieces.

Finally, in November 2019, our first loungewear collection went live with five designs - our slip camisole, lounge shorts, lounge pants, tunic dress and drape robe. Nearly all of these designs remain as our most popular pieces till today and have been consistently restocked.

We weren’t sure at all how the response to the loungewear collection would be, since it was our first foray into apparels and the idea of “loungewear” was not quite known back then, but we were very encouraged by your feedback and response, especially from customers who put in repeat orders. You will never know how much all of these meant to us.

Your encouragement gave us the confidence to expand the collection in the next 2 years, culminating in a total of 10 designs and a colour palette of 8 shades, every one of which we remain proud of.

This collection represents so many wonderful things for us, but we have made the bittersweet decision to hit the pause button on this range. It was a difficult decision that we struggled with, especially since this collection is so dear to us and has become such an important part of our brand identity.

It is definitely not goodbye to our linen loungewear line. We move ahead with certainty that this step will lead us to greater inspiration and even better ideas, and we look forward to presenting a refreshed edition of our loungewear collection some time down the road. Until then!