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Linen Tea Towels (Set of 2) | Pinstripes and Soft Blush

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Every kitchen should have a set of these lovely linen tea towels. These are highly absorbent and dry quickly, which make them perfect for drying dishes. They are also versatile to be used in many ways and are wonderful for adding a lovely accent to your dining table or kitchen. Not to mention, they soften with age and use. 

This set of pinstripes and soft pink pairing will be perfect for those who prefer a dash of colour in your kitchen. 

What's Included
1 x Linen Tea Towel in Pinstripes
1 x Linen Tea Towel in Soft Blush
+ Includes a loop for easy hanging
    Made of
    100% lightweight linen

      Approximately 65cm x 45cm


        The little nubs on the tea towels in pinstripes are a natural characteristic of the fabric