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Inspiring Family Homes: Family-Friendly Interiors & Design

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A book for design-conscious individuals looking to create stylish and inclusive family homes.

It is often said that a family creates a home, and the home keeps the family together. This book explores what it means to live and share a space with those closest to us from a design perspective. Inspiring Family Homes takes the reader around the world, opening the doors to all kinds of homes, with all kinds of families. It shows how to work around the challenges of sharing a space with children and eventually create a place for gathering and growing.

By showcasing the adaptable and flexible ways in which to foster an environment for everyone, Inspiring Family Homes shows why you don't have to give up a love of design. MilK Magazine, the go-to platform for both world-class interior and family living, selects its most special stories in a title essential for any home and every family.


    24cm x 30cm

    Release Date

      August 2021


        Full colour, hardcover, half-cloth binding, 256 pages