Linen comes from a plant called Linum usitatissium, otherwise known as flax. The natural fibres are collected from the stem of a flax plant and spun into threads before being processed into linen fabric. Our sheets are made from 100% pure linen, with its flax fibers sourced from France.


Linen is known to be 30% stronger than cotton due to the strength of the flax fibres. This means that your linen sheets can last for a long time if cared for correctly. The best part is, linen ages gracefully and gets softer over time with use! 

*Did you know that it used to be a tradition for European families to pass down their linen sheets as an heirloom to the younger generation? This is because vintage linen has a soft and luxurious texture that is very hard to replicate with a mechanical process, making it very desirable.


For those with children or sensitive skin, you’d be delighted to know that our linen sheets are naturally hypoallergenic with antibacterial properties.


Linen sheets dry quickly and are kept cool throughout the night due to their high moisture absorbency rate and porous nature, making them perfect for the warm and humid weather we have in this part of the world.


Beyond the physical properties, linen scores well in the aesthetic department too. It drapes beautifully and its unique texture gives off an effortless and lived-in look. 

Linen is also extremely versatile, blending easily with a myriad of decorating styles. From an understated and relaxed look to a modern and chic bedroom, linen sheets will keep your bedroom looking and feeling delightfully cosy.


The cultivation of the flax plant is considered environmentally friendly as it requires less water, pesticide, and energy as compared to the cultivation of the cotton plant or the production of other synthetic fabrics.

Also, every part of the flax plant can be processed into worthwhile products, such as flax seeds and linseed oil. This means nothing is wasted from this precious resource and each time you purchase our French flax linen bedding from us, you're not only investing in better sleep, you're also showing grace to our planet, whose natural resources are depleting ever more quickly than before.