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Article: Turning Two

Turning Two

Turning Two

In a blink, we’ve turned two.

Another year to bookmark, another page that we will soon turn.

Oh 2020, what a year you’ve been. You’ve given us lots of surprises, some we wish we could’ve done without, but had to plough through anyway.

Amidst the uncertainties that came rushing our way, deep down we’re ever so grateful to still be able to bring our dreams to life through Annette. Above all, it’s our greatest pride to see how Annette has grown and how she beats quietly to her own rhythm.

As we celebrate our second year, we look back with fondness at how the year has panned out for us. Through the celebrations of little milestones, we remember moments when doubts and disappointments weighed upon us. But somehow, each new day always presented a new resolve, a chance to make new magic happen.

To our community of customers, partners, friends, and family, thank you for trusting and believing in us. It means the world to us to have your support on this precious journey of ours.

No one knows what the next year holds, but this we know - we’ve still got so much more to give and we cannot wait to continue sharing our love for cosy homes and thoughtfully designed lifestyle pieces with you through the next year and beyond.

As always, we wish you love, joy, and peace, from us to you and your loved ones. May your footsteps be filled with sunshine as we usher in a brighter year ahead.

Rae & Zee

“Turn your face toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you”

- Maori Proverb -