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Article: Different ways to style your home with a throw

Different ways to style your home with a throw

Different ways to style your home with a throw

Ever since we first launched our throw collection, many have asked how a throw can be used or styled in their homes.

A seemingly understated accessory that is easily overlooked, throws are our favourite way to add a subtle touch of warmth and decorative detail to your home.

From your living area to bedroom, and even the dining room, here are some ideas on how you can easily spruce up and introduce some cosy vibes to your home with a simple throw.


1 | Lounge Chair

Draping a throw over a lounge chair instantly gives it a more sophisticated look. It not only completes the lounge chair but also makes for more comfortable lounging.

How | Fold the throw until you get a rectangular shape that is proportional to the size of your lounge chair. Drape it over one side of the chair or over the armrest.

2 | Sofa

In a similar way, throws can also be draped over your sofa. Not only is it your best companion for snuggling on chilly nights, it is also a decorative accessory to add an additional layer of texture to your sofa. We usually style a sofa with cushions, but often overlook the throw. These two actually complement each other beautifully and they go hand in hand together.

How | Fold it into a long rectangular shape and loosely drape it over one end of the sofa or over the backrest of the sofa. Depending on the size of your sofa, you may consider adding 2 throws for larger sofas (as in the picture above).

3 | Bed

The simplest way to style a throw in the bedroom is to drape it across the end of the bed. It’s a quick and fuss-free way of adding a glam factor or a fun element to your bedroom.

How | Unfold the throw into a single layer and straighten it out. You can choose to drape it loosely in an asymmetrical fashion or to pull it taught for a neater look.

4 | Wall Tapestry

Our favourite way to creatively use a throw - as a wall tapestry! A less common way of styling a throw, throws are wonderful as a wall display for softening the mood in a room, particularly the dining room, which is otherwise typically decorated with many hard furnishings.

How | Stretch the throw out and hold it up by the top two corners to mark out where you want to display it on the wall. Attach nails or 3M command hooks (our preferred option) at the two corners you marked out. Lastly, hang the throw by its two corners.

5 | Shelfie

When not in use, throws make a handsome display on the shelf. Simply fold the throws and place them on the shelf, and voilà, shelfie done. (Not to mention, storing them on a shelf also keeps them within easy reach for when you need them)

How | Fold them neatly into a small rectangle and place them on a shelf of your choice. It looks best when stacked in a pair.


There you have it! 5 ways you can use a throw to decorate your homes. Share with us at if you've got any other ideas, we'd love to hear from you!