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Article: Bloom as You Are

Bloom as You Are

Bloom as You Are

Five beautiful years of Annette.

Oftentimes, we find ourselves wondering how time flew by just like that. We would never have imagined that the seed we planted five years ago would have led us to where we are now.

Time has given us many wonderful things. It has allowed us to nurture our brand at our own pace, to look inwards and realise the dreams we envision. More importantly, time has also led us to you, our community, which has grown with us over the years. People who believe in us and what we do, and have given us a chance to be part of little milestones in your life and your everyday routines. Thank you for choosing us.

Love has always been our North Star. Love for comfort, for beauty, for finding joy in simplicity and most importantly, the love for our community. It is the fuel that has brought us here, and is what will continue to light the way for us. It is truly our greatest pride to be able to do what we love with conviction, because we know that all that we do comes from a genuine heart. We always believe that you don’t need to be the brightest or the loudest to shine, you can bloom as you are and just be.

As we close the year and step into the next one, may you and all of your loved ones be surrounded with love, peace and warmth.

With all of our hearts,
Rae & Zee